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16-page artist's book, stitched and printed on 135gsm colorplan cool grey

137mm x 137mm

open edition



6 drawings married up with photographic montages to create a disparate "ode" to british prime ministers.

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two + two = five

16-page artist's book, unstitched and printed on 55gsm newsprint

289mm x 380mm



13 allegorical still lifes looking at how having children can affect the landscapes of your home and mind, when exacerbating existing mental health problems. influenced by the visual language and production of ready-to-assemble furniture manuals, alluding to pristine homes when all is not always well.


a battleground of egos

A5 hand-stitched art book



a one-off, hand-made 52-page book compiled from previously unpublished work. the pieces were collected by sifting through old sketchbooks and archival cds, ‘raggy doll waste bins’ of unused work, spanning 17 years.


the stock was sourced in a similar way, by rummaging through scraps of paper found in obsolete folders in my loft - next to dusty leicester city fc fanzines from the 80s and even grubbier preserves (a manchester united one).


this caused each spread to have contrasting paper to suit the nature of the unrelated content facing each other. the erratic collection of images were married-up in an antonymic manner as a way of creating a link without impairing the concept of disparity.

original sold

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